Sam Hotchkiss

Sam is the founder and principal of both Hotchkiss Consulting Group and Parka, LLC. Hotchkiss Consulting Group provides WordPress development services to organizations around the world, specializing in complex site development and the creation and management of large multisite networks.

Parka, LLC, is the company behind BruteProtect, a highly effective tool used to protect websites from distributed botnet attacks. BruteProtect has protected over 100,000 sites from over 111,000,000 attacks.

Stephen Quirk

When not managing web projects, helping with support, or writing articles for Hotchkiss Consulting Group and BruteProtect, Stephen can be found doing something or another for Factory Portland – a Maine music blog.  Stephen is excited to bring Maine’s first WordCamp to his alma mater, Maine College of Art.

Derek Smart

Derek started his WordPress career in theme design, which has evolved into a passion for development. He is a currently WordPress developer at Hotchkiss Consulting and has 5 years of WordPress experience.  His right hand tool has quickly become PHP but enjoys working with JS and jQuery.  When he’s not in front of his computer he is probably either on his bike or traveling around the country.

RC Lations

RC manages web development projects, coordinating with clients and internal teams to ensure the success of each phase from discovery to launch at Hall Internet Marketing. When RC isn’t managing projects, he is applying his development skills to innovative projects at Hall. Since joining the company in 2011, he has assisted in the development of our responsive design framework Scaffolding, worked on enhancements for Hall’s proprietary Tools platform, and created custom WordPress plugins for client websites. RC has a bachelor’s degree in music business from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Gary Thayer

Gary is a WordPress Developer at Hall Internet Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency based in Portland, ME. He builds custom solutions for clients by combining the power of WordPress with Hall’s own internally developed tools. With a strong background in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SASS and responsive frameworks, Gary is passionate about providing simple and elegant solutions for complex problems.

Rocco Tripaldi

Rocco Tripaldi is a WordPress web developer for the Hotchkiss Consulting Group and BruteProtect. He’s also a full-time personal chef and part-time creative colaborator to his lovely wife, Megan. He blogs about code and recipes at

Michael Cain

Michael is a Portland, Maine-based Theme Generator for Automattic’s Theme Team. He spends his days creating, converting, and improving the theme experience on both and, his evenings blogging about food and travel on, and his nights dreaming about how to make tomorrow’s WordPress blogs and sites even better.